Compact reader 91 04 / 9110

B-Net 91 04 is a subterminal to be used for access control. It is compatible with the terminal series Bedas / Bedanet 90 00.

The reader is in a sealed plastic housing and also designed for use under rough environmental conditions. Its compact design allows for installation on door frames or similar surfaces.

The following operating modes are possible:

• Online mode The B-Net 91 04 is connected to a higher-level control system, for example an access manager or a terminal of the B-Net series, by means of the RS-485 sub-party line.

• Stand-alone operation without control

The B-Net 91 04 subterminal includes the LEGIC contact-free identification medium. The reader is equipped with LEGIC advant-RFID technology. LEGIC data carriers can be read. Writing data on the LEGIC medium also is possible.

B-Net 91 04 has a relay which can be used for door opening in secured areas.

The subterminal has a multi-color LED and a beeper for optical and acoustic user guidance.