Cablare structurată

The network is the vital point connecting all equipment whether computers, servers,terminals, printers, other peripherals.

Saratoga designs , provides necessary materials and installs structured data- voice network. A structured network is different by the fact that it  respects technical and organizational standards allowing maximum flexibility in operation by the fact that any data cable can be used both for data and telephone network without interfering with the structure. The network also meets standards imposed by the technical parameters to operate at maximum efficiency and in complete safety.

In addition to data network Saratoga provides electrical network cabling (low voltage).

Executable data networks are class 5, 6 or 7  stranded copper wire cable, optical fiber(multimode and singlemode).

They provide communication speeds up to 10 Gigabit /second.

When completed, installed networks can be tested and certified according to standards, tests conducted with specialized testing equipment as the Fluke DTX or the latest one FLUKE DSX 5000.