Instalații electrice

Instalații electrice

It is not enough to secure data links to computing equipment, or the automation, is not the same as you do their power supply.

Is very important to assure a proper power supply to not disrupt data or video signalssensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Therefore simultaneously with the data cabeling operations  we assure  for our clients also the 220V wiring of the supplied electronic equipment according to the  existing standards so that  at end of the work we can certify the data network to the maximum operating parameters.

The Server Room, a beautiful , clean place , full of equipments , but: it’s not the same how the power suppling is done , How the UPS is connected to the network, or  the cooling system, the fire detection and suppresion system, control access system or linking to  the grounding strap (most often ignored by many and left  untested) of equipment cabinets, right?

Of course with a prior audit we can provide solutions, then put them into practice, and subsequently we assume the guarantee of a well done work.

For example: It is  not the same how you  power a grid of lamp tubes (4x8W) and use below them monitors connected to your computer. You can have the surprise that the screen image to be different than you expect.